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Dental, Vision, & Hearing

The Protection You Need

It’s important to keep yourself protected. That is why FTC Products offers the best possible Dental, Vision, and Hearing Insurance Package in the industry, to guarantee that you and your family live your lives free of worries. Our products help you afford necessary services to maintain these important bodily functions.

Dental, Vision, & Hearing: Packages

Ancillary Plan Benefits


Dental Surgery


- 100% Diagnostic & Preventive 

- No Deductible In Network

- Covers: Oral exam, cleaning & scaling,       bitewing x-rays

- Discount on services when using DenteMax Network providers

Perscription Glasses


- Annual Exam - $20 every 12 months

- Covered Lenses - $20 every 12 months

- Covered Frames - $20 every 24 months

- Covered Contacts $20 in lieu of glasses       every 12 months 

- DavisVision Network



- FREE Hearing Exam every 12 months at selected Your Hearing Network providers

- Savings of up to 40% off premium hearing aids

- 60 day money back guarantee on hearing aids

- 4 year service warranty, including 1 year of loss and damage 

- 4 year supply of batteries included with each 

Dental, Vision, and Hearing do have networks. The dental network is DenteMax, the vision network is DavisVision. The hearing network is Your Hearing Network. Pricing and benefits are subject to change as required by necessity or by law. This is not a contract. This information is not warranted. This is only a summary of coverages. 

Dental, Vision, & Hearing: Information
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