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Medical Solutions

The ability to seek necessary medical service when you are sick or hurt is our goal.
Medical Cost Sharing is an innovative solution to managing your larger healthcare costs. It gives you the opportunity to take the lead in your healthcare choices without surprise bills or network hassles.
Members commit to living a healthy lifestyle and managing their healthcare costs in a direct way. This helps everyone’s costs low and gives us the opportunity to lift each other’s burdens when the going gets tough.
We always attempt to support our Members with outstanding service when it comes to navigating the complex medical landscape.
Medical Cost Sharing is not insurance but is an allowed legal alternative under federal law.

Medical Solutions: Packages

Free to Choose Share Plan Overview

You are free to choose your own medical providers such as doctors, hospitals, clinics, labs, etc. 

Medical Solutions: Packages
Family with Tablet


Online Doctor Visits

No co-pay

Paid 100%

Access to doctor via smart phone or computer

Personal Medical Assistant

Physician searches

Appointment scheduling


Alternative medicine

Medical bill negotiation

Surgery cost savings

Medical Consultation

2nd Opinion

Available online to confirm diagnoses and alternatives

Prescription Drugs

Prescription buying services available through one of the following: 

* Mail order through US Mail Order House

* Mail order through International Pharmacy

* Prescription coupons through GoodRx, Blink, and/or SingleCare

* Manufacturers discount, coupons, or co-pay card for selected high cost drugs

Pharmacists' hands
Young Guy Outside

Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA)

-IUA: the participant cost per covered incident (maximum of 3 incidents per person and max 5 per family)

-Free to choose any doctor or hospital of your choice

-Must lead a healthy lifestyle - Statement of health lifestyle required (no illegal drug use and no intoxicated driving)

-Initial covered incidents provide covered prescription coverage for up to 120 days

-$500, $1000, $1500, $2500, & $5000 IUA options available 

Partial List of Expenses Eligible for Sharing

Hospitalization * Surgery * Maternity (2 IUAs) * Primary Care * Specialty Care * Emergency Room * Curative Medications * Diagnostic Imaging * X-Rays * Inpatient & Outpatient Labs * Limited Maintenance Medication * Certain alternatives may be allowed if approved in advance

Family Maternity
Doctor Checking a Form

Things to Remember

- Present yourself as a self-pay patient

- If you know about a larger claim in advance, call the Share Plan so they may pre-negotiate the price

- If you don't know in advance, call after the claim so the Share Plan can post-negotiate the claim

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